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  • tethr2
    Tethr: Bringing the internet everywhere (with solar energy)
    Syria on the interwebs
    Syria off the internet
    Cody Wilson Defense Distributed spokesman
    survival of the biggest

    Tethr: Bringing the internet everywhere (also in the desert)

    Syria on the internet

    Syria off the internet 29-11-2012

    3D Printing Weapons

    Concern about the clout of the internet giants is growing

    A new cancer blood test looks for abnormal chromosomes, such as the rearrangements in these breast cancer cells

    Paypal payments on mobiles may hasten the end of the Christmas Eve dash for shoppers

    Mannequins with a camera in one eye and facial-recognition software for brains are beginning to transform the look and feel of retail stores

    Saskia de Brauw (f) for Yves Saint Laurent Male-campaign

    Saskia de Brauw (f) for Yves Saint Laurent Male-campaign

    Financial Times: baggage to take a burden off a men's shoulder

    Science’s Signals – Week 48

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  • Plant-e Roof-top
    Gras Plant

    With the help of the ‘Plant-e’ technology we could transform our cities into sources of power, instead of power absorbers

    By putting an electrode into the soil a company called ‘Plant-e’ has succeeded to generate electricity from living plants

    Green Rooftop Electricity

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  • MastabaDrawing

    A drawing of the Mastaba

    Picture from Christo and Jeanne-Claude's book 'The Mastaba, Project for UAE' (via Taschen)

    A computer image of the Louvre Abu Dhabi (photo credits: NY Times)

    The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi will open its doors in 2017

    Sand Sculptures

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  • MineKafon1

    Massoud Hassani’s Mine Kafon

    Clever use of the wind for a better cause

    Shale Gas Revolution: America’s energy in once again changing the world

    72 year-old Liu Xianping models for his granddaughter's online shop

    Liu Xianping became an internet sensation

    Bionic Future

    Infinite possibilities with the use of new technology

    Slow down life with the Declarator

    The Declarator

    Science’s Signals – Week 47

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  • Emergency Compliment
    Emergency Compliment
    Emergency Compliment
    Emergency Compliment
    Emergency Compliment

    'You've never had morning breath I swear'

    '8 out of 10 co-workers agree, your desk is the cleanest'

    'Everyone was cool with that time you peed in the shower'

    'Keep walking around naked. Your neighbors are into it'

    'You'd be the last one standing in a horror movie'

    Emergency Compliments

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  • 3d-U
    3d figurine
    3d figurines

    3D-U was the first company providing personal figures

    Omote 3d makes personal figurines

    The photo boot is available from 24 November till January 14

    Handscanning the people to make a nice figurine

    Personal 3D Figurines

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