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  1. “Female Up&Rising”, Carl. It’s about time the silly conventions that discriminate against female behaviour are toppled. GM has just appointed its first female WW CEO. Not only can she drive but also drive on the destiny of a major worldwide company. Hurrah to that!

  2. Hi Carl, saw this piece in Business Insider. Obvious that Pantene and BBDO choose this women perspective. In my opinion some labels are arbitrary. And as they claim, Don’t Let Labels Hold You Back, applies to both female and male. Taking into account the book Stiffed by Susan Faludi it could be argued that gender stereotypes do backfire on men as well. To be more specific, during the shift from industry to a service economy, male had little choice but to integrate some ‘female’ behavior into their habits to fit corporate cultures. Nowadays care and cosmetic companies are targeting these ‘girly-man’ (contrasted with he-man, macho-man, etc.) and even label them e.g. metrosexual (origin Mark Simpson). So, this is indeed a commercial with a message. But, its not the total picture.