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Science of the Time dates back to 1992. It is one of the first and most reputated trend research and innovation agencies in the world. Founded by Carl Rohde, who is still leading Science of the Time, the company has worked with a caleidoscope of companies over the years, often in long term partnerships. Rohde is also professor A.S. Trendwatching & Innovation at Maastricht University / HS Zuyd, the Netherlands and visiting professor at Shanghai Institute of Technology, China. This amplifies the academic depth and scope of the trend research and innovation projects of Science of the Time.

  1. Science of the Time has a reputation of academic, methodologically sane depth combined with a sharp and practical business sense. This mix is important. Trendwatching is popular today. That is good but comes with a disadvantage: there is too much of the fluffy hello-look-what-I-have-found-as-nice-and-cool-on-the-Internet kind of trendwatching. Nothing wrong with that. However, Science of the Time goes for serious research, living up to our academic status.
  2. Science of the Time is also more empirical. We visit around thirty universities a year in order to train thousands of students all over the world, to trendwatch and Coolhunt with us in a systematic manner. The International Cool City Hunt research project is the largest Cool Mentality research among youth worldwide. Having said this: we do not exclusively focus on youth. We conduct trendwatch and Coolhunt research with all generations: kids, adolescents, the stressed 30-somethings, the benevolent 50+ generation.
  3. Science of the Time is less preoccupied with gadgets and hypes-of-the-day – though we know a lot of them thanks to our army of Coolhunters. Science of the Time focuses on Validated Cool Mentality Trends. Validated Cool Mentality Trends do not disappear over night. They have a solidity on which you can build. The form for a solid platform when it comes to building brands, communication concepts, new products and services.
  4. Science of the Time helps companies worldwide to implement Science’s Mentality Trends when it comes to generating innovative ideas – products, services, management ideas. Trendwatching and Coolhunting are stimulating and inspiring. But they have to lead somewhere. To thorough innovation ideas. Innovating without the proper knowledge of Cool Mentality Trends that will impact our future, means innovating in the dark. Science of the Time helps companies to innovate in credible ways, based on serious trendresearch. Learn what we and our network can do for you and your company.

SOTT Team:
Carl Rohde
Thomas Spronk
Stijn van Arendonk
Ramon Stinges
Claire van den Berg

Nikie Backus (intern)
Maartje van den Hurk (intern)
Carlijn Rutjes (intern)

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