• Detroit: From Ruins to Art

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  • Bitcoins to Feed the Homeless

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  • Amazonas Sandals: Act Locally, Think Globally

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  • stwts1

    Stop telling women to smile (picture credit: Carla C. Waldron, http://tlynnfaz.com/Stop-Telling-Women-to-Smile)

    Dutch artist Tinkebell takes a drastic measure in order to get attention for the phosphate problem (picture via Save our Children website)

    Traditional Geisha's are becoming 2.0 versions

    Screenshot from the Tesla Motors website

    Screenshot from the Atlantic: where Americans - rich and poor - spent their money in 2012

    Dave Hakken's idea for a sustainable phone: Phoneblok

    Leftoverswap, a Cool sustainable initiative with a clear name

    Picture via Shanghaiist.com

    Science’s Signals – Week 38

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  • Lease a Jeans

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  • A Liter of Light

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