Coolhunt to Concept (C2C)

Coolhunt to Concept

C2C stands for Coolhunt to Concept. It is a special designed project in which we use the expertise of a specific group of Coolhunters who’s aim is to use their findings in a later stadium. C2C brings them from scratch to (concept) trends.





First, we define our research purpose. This depends on what the final product looks like. Are we going to write a trend report? Or do we need trends for a quick follow up with concepts, products or future scenarios?


After that, we start the research phase. C2C is a light version of V.I.V.A., the selected trends are Mentality Trends from our continuous trend research, personalized to your specific needs. We define our research question, but this does not contain depth interviews with experts.


After the research phase we start our project with lectures and Coolhunting, if necessary combined with a Meet the Streets program. A C2C includes a private digital environment, in which all examples of Cool are uploaded, ranked and commented.

The following stadium of the project is the analysis phase. All found examples of Cool are categorized and curated with help of the Science of the Time team.

Finally, we use the found insights in a Concept of choice. This could mean a trend report or even a concept philosophy. Science of the Time’s expertise stops here, but we are happy to provide you with an expert from our network if you need further help in concepting and implementing.


A C2C can take four weeks to several months, depending on the intensity of the project.




Coolhunting / Trend Research is a tool, which can be applied throughout a whole career in case of good training. The term Trendwatching is too passive and does not cover our core competence. That is why we call it trend research, we are more than observers.

It is necessary to learn the basics of good research.  Learn our method ‘the fun way’ and spend less on futurists in the coming years!

Think students in the last phase of their bachelors or at the start of their master phase. Or think young entrepreneurs who are willing to train theirselves in becoming more complete (trend) professionals.


If you are interested in a C2C project, please contact Science of the Time.


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