Thanks to the continuous input of information we get from our network we’re able to research on mentality movements worldwide. To make our trend-Study more synoptic, we’ve separated 7 departments (as seen in the Menu above).

Our overall trends, the powerfully manifested movements that are developing the upcoming years and are affecting every member of society directly are called the Mentality Trends. Those are our insights that are important to keep an eye on. Now, and in the upcoming years.

Not every Mentality Trend has the same importance, value and power for all participants in our trend world (aka all world citizens). To get valuable insights that are easily implemented for clients it’s better to work with segmented target groups. A common method is to look what different generations share. What happened during their shared formative period? What are the consequences for their Soft Spots? We share these Soft Spots in the Social DNA of Generations department.

At the Insights of Cool section we have selected all most interesting outcome of all research we do. Whether it is a Coolhunt or a blogpost on our Science of the Time PLAY-site: every story has its intrinsic value. Find the Top-lists (formerly known as the Top-15 of Coolest Worldwide) and selections on branch, city or other focus here.

We prefer to call our Mentality Trends ‘movements’ because they are part of our social DNA, our desires and opinions, our mindsets over a longer period of time. Some of these trends are movements that never stop and they will never lose importance for social development (some call them Megatrends). We mapped these movements in the timeline of Science of the Time’s ‘heritage’ in research: the Decade Influencers Timeline. The movements we have been researching from the early start of Science of the Time.

At the Methodology section we give you a sneak peek in Science of the Time’s ‘kitchen of Cool’: how do we conduct our research?

At Signs & Seeds¬†our trend professionals can start topics on trends which they want to discuss with others. Mostly ‘behind closed doors’ and only on invite. Here clients can also ask our network for expertise.

In the Library you can find the books we read, are reading and are planning to read. The intellectual background here establishes the academic character of our main focus on trends.

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