What it is

Would you believe there is a new type of ceramic that bends and shapes every way you’d want to? Eurekite has designed a revolutionary material. It’s called flexeramics and it is a soft, light, bendable material that is also fireproof. And of course, it doesn’t break like regular ceramics. Because this product is brand new Eremite is still looking for ways to use this material, but the fashion industry has already big plans for the newly found material. Chanel is making Bendable Buttons. However still in production, the enthusiasm about this product is already pretty big and people are very interested how this big fashion house will implement this new material.

Why it is Cool

This product is Cool because it is a new material that could become very big in the fashion scene. Big fashion houses like Chanel are planning to implement this material into their clothing lines. Like the use of bendable buttons made possible by this new kind of material.

Why it has Future Growth Potential

As technology grows bigger the things mankind can make grow with it. This means that we probably are going to see much more things that will renew the fashion industry or the way we perceive ‘wearable’ fabrics and could be very interesting for Haute Cotoure as well as for the Pret a Porter section. This Cool seed has a very big future growth potential because it is new and innovative – but also because the fashion industry picks up this Cool seed incredibly fast.