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What it is

Smart Replica is a new take on heritage preservation. It takes an object from the museum and puts it back into everyday life as a new product, continuing its history. Using augmented reality, the piece’s entire backstory is packaged along with it. Smart Replica takes our heritage from the depot back into our living room and makes it possible to travel through time with an easy swipe and brings history to life. This object is a small cup once owned by the mayor of Amsterdam during the golden century. With augmented reality, Maaike Roozenburg in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam made a beautiful real live ‘video’ about the journey of the cup and its history.

Why it is Cool

This Cool seed is a very interesting one because it takes the story of ceramics to the next level. As you can see in this video, this project makes people so much more aware of the historical and cultural value of something so small and simple as a ceramic cup – and all this with the help of the newest technological instruments.

Why it has Future Growth Potential

It is so important to stay in touch with our cultural heritage and ceramics play a big role in our history on a global level. As a society, it is so important to stay in touch with the past. But why does it have a future growth potential then? Because the usage of technology to bring this information to the people. The usage of augmented reality is probably going to be used a lot more for cultural storytelling.