Pay-it-forward pizza: Rosa’s Fresh Pizza

A story by Dionisius Satria Arthamas

What is it?

Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love and Philly pizza joint, Rosa’s Fresh Pizza truly lives up to this standard. The restaurant is filled with colourful sticky notes on the wall as part of the store décor, each one is worth $1 — the price of one slice of pizza. Each one feeds a homeless person.

“One day, a customer asked to buy forward a slice for a homeless person,” Mason Wartman, the owner of the shop, said in a video for the Ellen DeGeneres show. He then purchased sticky notes, which now cover an entire wall at his restaurant. “Then a homeless person takes a sticky note and trades it in for a slice of pizza.”

According to the video, Rosa’s feeds approximately 100 homeless persons a day. Visit for a slice of pizza and the gift of giving back. If you’re not in the Philly area but still wish to help out, the restaurant has set up a donation page.

Sadly, only after six years Rosa’s had served its last pies at its flagship shop on 11th and Market streets, citing rising costs and competition as the reasons. Despite a price increase to $1.25 in 2017, lots of attention in the media, and a feel-good mission that encouraged customers to pay extra for their pizza which in turn would buy slices for the homeless, the shop struggled to stay afloat amidst the other lunch spots in both neighbourhoods.

Why it’s Cool?

· It helps homeless people.

· Great decoration of kindness.

· It increases awareness of social responsibility.

· Perfect for your Instagram post!

Why it has future growth potential?

In this era, our generation is looking for something more than just food and drinks. Businesses are always competing and they need something more than just a good taste in their mouth therefore this is where the brilliant idea of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza came from.

Thanks to this fantastic idea of the owner, he has brought an interesting product & consumer interaction where they could help homeless people fill their stomach. Furthermore, with the sticky notes filled with kind words all over the restaurant, it is indeed an unforgettable touch point experience that tenders your heart. This means, the importance of the flagship of this place is fulfilled by a warm and welcoming atmosphere of its own. This innovation could move the hearts of millennials and generation Z who tend to be more sensitive towards social responsibility and the world.

Even though Rosa’s pizza ended up closing down, their instagrammable decoration has stolen our hearts . It has also made a huge social media buzz across communities where doing business in this manner proves to be difficult.

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Written by: Dionisius Satria Arthamas

Dion is a Master’s student specializing Hospitality management at EUHT StPol in Spain. Finished his last study in France for a tourism degree, he is very interested in the hospitality industry and hungry to see things from different perspective. He is passionate in travelling and exposing himself with new culture around the world. Indonesian born, he is a native Bahasa Indonesia speaker, and fluent in English, French, and Portuguese. Open to different things, Dion is always attentive to learn new skills and develop self-improvement. His hobbies include working out and backpacking to beautiful places.

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