1. Division Doom  
Our times are divided and dividing. The world had discovered a new minority – angry white men – and in some parts of the world also lots of Millennials with the same mind set. Knowing what moves them is key.
2. Decade of the Hack
New tracking techniques give Silicon Valley and the likes a bad name. When it comes to our private information, we have become a Dragnet Nation. Many don’t like it.
3. Empowered Hope 
Against the doom stands the new social power of the Web. The sharing economy is inhabited with Peer Progressives and an attitude of grass roots change. But also Transparency Triumph adds to and empowers hope.

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Key reads:

What is Populism. Jan-Werner Muller

Strangers in the own land. Arlie Russell Hochchild

Age of Anger. Pankaj Mishra

Drangnet Nation. Julia Angwin

The Sharing Economy. Arun Sundararajan

Future Perfect. Steven Johnson