1. Flat World Competition
Internet communication combined with secure intercontinental travel – of goods, services, people – have made the world flat. Everyone with an innovative idea and a strong wifi connection can start competing.
2. The Anywhere People versus the People from Somewhere
This is the new societal divide. People who are born and live in one place, and being attached to that place for a whole life. Versus the globalized ‘Anywhere People’ who will go where chances & opportunities go.
3. Roots & Wings
People need to feel earth under their feet, need to feel a sense of belonging. But people also want to spread their wings and explore what the world has to offer them – and what they have to offer to the world.
4. Local versus central – at the same time
We love local because we associate it with home – real home or symbolic home. We have a tendency to forget how many things have to be centrally organized in order to enable us to embrace ‘local’.

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Key reads:

The World is Flat. Thomas Friedman

Breakout nations. Ruchir Sharma.

The Great Convergence. Kishore Mahbubani

The Age of Ambition. Evan Osnos.

The Road to Somewhere. David Goodhart