1. We Live Liquid Lives
Liquid lives cannot keep their shapes for long. Liquid lives are lived under constant change, and therefore under constant uncertainty – not in the least due to FOMO (fear of missing out). Liquid lives can be utterly exciting, but miss solidity.
2. Pluralistics
Without solidly ascribed identities and positions we zap our lifestyles and identities together from the kaleidoscopes of ingredients that are offered to us – both online and offline.
3. Narcissism on the Rise
Are friends becoming producers of ‘likes’ in the first place? More and more 20, 30, 40-somethings see themselves as brands – brands to show off and sell to the world. This is the further rise of Narcissism. It forces us all to pursue continuous impression management.
4. Togetherness
In our liquid lives, in our pluralistic worldviews & identity construction togetherness is the pulsating desire, preoccupied with ourselves as we are. Both real togetherness and imagined, symbolic togetherness.
5. Meaning, meaning, meaning
In the age of liquid individualism the search for beacons that lead us, for canopies that shelter us, is all-important. It is the reason why, more than ever before, we clinch to stories that radiate a sense of meaning. From the Bible to the Kardashians: No Story No Glory.

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Key reads:

The Narcissism Epidemic. J.M.Twenge and W.K.Campbell

Liquid Lives. Zygmunt Bauman

Alone together. Sherry Turkle

Reclaiming Conversations. Sherry Turkle

The Road to Somewhere. David Goodhart.