1. From Cheap to Smart Manufacturing
China became advanced via its immense capacities for cheap manufacturing. Now all aspiring nations and industries, including China, go for completion in the smart manufacturing area.
2. Collaborations are Key and Cool 
The products and services of the smart-manufacturing age are too complex to endeavor on your own. Without openness you are lost in the rest of this century. Open up to serendipity. And manage to organize it. Heathier eco-systems collaborate.
3. The sky IS the limit 
New technologies will cause a productivity boom that will surpass the productivity boom of the Industrial Revolution. Prepare for Abundance, plus the social fight to distribute it to the benefit of all – or of the happy few. After Cheap comes Smart. After Smart must come: Wise.
4. Education must adapt
We are educating kids for jobs that do not yet exist. This means we have to focus on skills as general as flexible. The four C’s will reign: Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Communication.

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Key reads:

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