1. The Second Machine Age 
Machines of a new kind – intelligent, fast, meticulous and never tired -, will take over everything that is dull, dirty or dangerous. We must adapt.
2. The Rise of the Robots changes everything 
It has transformed retail. It is transforming health – from hospitals to ‘home’-spitals. And entertainment – bots are your next best friends. And education – robots will register if and when and how you pay attention. Etcetera.
3. Virtual Reality 
VR will recycle everything: how we learn, how we relate and have sex, how we improve ourselves, how we consume and have fun.
4. AI
IAI will be bigger than us. It will super-enhance the 21ste century. It will move is mysterious ways. 
5. The downside
Who ownes the software and therefore the future? Will reality gradually be clicked away? Will our mind wander around in the shallows? 

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Key reads:

The Second Machine Age. Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee.

The Rise of the Robots. Martin Ford

Big Data. V.Mayer-Schonberger and K.Cukier

Superintelligence. N.Bostrom

Homo Deus. Y.N.Harari

The Shallows. Nicholas Carr