1. Going circular 
The only decent road towards the future is deep, deep recycling. No smart cities without this paradigm. Circular cities bring their water input, their energy input and their materials input back into the recycle circle. Forever. People love to live there. And it’s profitable. Re-conomy in action.
2. Water is the new ozon layer 
The Artic is melting. Though this will bring new materials and prosperity to countries like Canada, Finland and Russia that border to it, it will cause droughts and floods worldwide. Expect climate refugees to become a well-known. lived concept.
3. There is an upside 
Environment is losing out but the urge to turn the tide is spreading. And Cool Seeds are prospering. Think clean tech. Think ethical consumption. Think new materials. Think agricultural robotics. Think further – up to space colonization and new climate engineering technologies.

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Key reads:

Cradle to cradle. William McDonough.

The Ripple Effect. Alex Prudhomme.

The New north. Laurence Smith

A case for Climate Engineering. W. David Keith.

Progress. Johan Norberg