1. More than 100 
When you are born these days, you have 50% chance to reach 105 years. When you are 20 you have 50% chance of reaching 100. 40 years old: 95. 60 years old: 90. Implications are huge. For work. For love. For families.
2. SuperHumans
As we develop the technologies to eliminate genetically-transmitted diseases, we are also discovering ways to enhance intelligence, physical characteristics – and lifespans. Within two generations we will be cyber-empowered in many ways.
3. Transforming lives & industries 
Empires of the future will be empires of our neuro-minds and brains.
4. Homo Deus
Once we gave our existences and guidance to the Gods. In the Enlightenment we took it in our own hands. Now we are becoming algorithmically empowered and enslaved.

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Key reads:

The 100-Year Life. Lyna Gratton and Andrew Scott

Make Way For The Superhumans. Michael Bess


The Body Builders. Adam Piore.

Physics of the Future. Michio Kaku.

Homo Deus. Yuval Noah Harari.