1. Marketing of the memorable experience
That is the heart of Experience Economy. We had the flag-ship phase, the living-room-society phase, the secrecy-please phase, the online phase. It is all still relevant. There are also new developments.
2. Amazement and Authenticity, Interactivity and Customization
These are the new key words for next steps of Experience Economy. Filled with Future Growth Potential. (The Ultimate Question for all businesses: Would you recommend us to a friend?)
3. VR will merge ubiquitously
VR will bring the next step in Experience, after amazement, authenticity, interactivity and customization (That are still going strong). It is opening breath-taking new spaces for Experience Economy to blossom.
4. High Tech High Touch
More and more Experience Economy revolves on the borders between physical (high touch) and online-driven (high tech) experiences. The search of the right High Tech High Touch Points will determine successes in all service industries, from retail over hospitality and fashion to luxury.

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Key reads:

Experience Economy. Joe Pine and James H. Gilmore

The Amazement Revolution. Shep Hyken

Infinite Possibility. Joseph Pine and Kim Corn

The Ultimate Question. Fred Reichheld and Rob Markey