Who We Are

We are a Creative Trend Agency

We provide inspiring Trend Lectures for your organization, brand or your marketing team. We write international trend reports as well as local trend reports. We offer Innovation Programmes to every company that wants to develop a new concept. 

We also offer workshops and workspaces and aim to train business professionals and students becoming trend sensitive in their city/field/profession of choice. Finally you can follow the latest trends and our experiences via our vlogs and podcasts weekly.

What we do

Our Services

be productive with our workspace environments

Real progress/results

Within our workspaces you can track the results of your teams research. All items can be rated, you can see the pageviews and how popular items are.


With our workspaces you can work with teams internationally, individuals are empowered to contribute whenever, wherever.

Catered to your Business

It doesn't matter within which specific industry you operate we can cater the work environment according to your specific needs.

Amazingly responsive

Our workspaces' readabilty is fine-tuned with every screen you can imagine. Which makes it easy to read, rate and review.

Secure and Private

Our workspaces are ssl-certified and secure end to end encrypted. We also provide professional chat support and assistance if needed.

Easy to use interface

Our workspaces offer an easy to use interface, intuitive appealing and easy to work with. It's all about being productive.

We are good at what we do...hire us

Workspaces 80%
Content 85%
Presentations 86%
Information Technology 88%

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We help companies from all over the world to become more innovation and trend sensitive.

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