By Junior Mokoma

What it is

Sublimotion is a world-class restaurant famously known as the host of the first gastronomic show in the world. Gastronomy is a style of cooking that expresses the relationship between food and culture. Simply put, it’s the science of good eating.

Sublimotion was designed to intensify the sheer pleasure of taste, it takes diners on a 3-hour experiential trip. The sensory experience is meant to enhance the flavor of the food and immerse the diners in the Chef’s creative process while simultaneously stimulating all 5 senses. It’s a unique concept introduced by renowned Spanish Chef, Paco Roncero who boasts 2 Michelin stars in his name. The restaurant officially opened a little over 4 years ago (2014) in Ibiza, Spain. Due to its reputation, it’s safe to call it one of the most expensive restaurants in the world as one show (eating experience) costs roughly anything between $2 000 – $3 000.

Why it is Cool

It’s easy to be critical of the price and call the restaurant expensive. However, you get your money’s worth. What’s particularly interesting about the experience is the level of craft that goes into it. Think of the room as a theatre; the dinner table is a stage and the audience are the diners, there are 12 unique diners per show. Each show can easily be broken down into Acts. Unlike a conventional theatre, this one allows for the narrative to be a shared experience between the audience and the creators. A totally different way of inviting the audience into the story. It’s about inclusivity.


Furthermore, what I found cool about the set-up was the collaboration between professions. The room was inspired by professionals from various sectors working together (Chefs, Designers, Engineers, Illusionists, Set Designers, Architects, Choreographers, and Screenwriters). It’s a true reflection of the 21st-century work setting inspired by Globalisation, Digitalisation and the Experience Economy. Where food is an art and art is an experience.

Why it has Future Growth Potential

Now, it’s probably still the only restaurant in the world that does this, which explains why it’s so reputable and exclusive. I personally think adaptations of the concept might be made throughout the world, even so, this will remain the only one of its kind. Its future growth is limited, at best they could open another restaurant in a different part of the world. However, the experience itself may inspire a new behavior towards food and restaurant dining altogether.