“We lost our connection to food”

A story by: Elle HoogeveenMatthijs Pas & Ruben Leeffers

What is it?

Eco-living is the future of food. Charles Michel is a French and Colombian chef, speaker, designer and researcher. He has researched numerous topics like multi-sensory scienceconscious eating and gastrophysicsThese researches are conducted in cooperation with the Crossmodal Research Laboratory, the Department of Experimental Psychology and the University of Oxford.

Charles is an educator of planetary diet and sustainable living. He wants to bring food back to the centre of our lives by inner, social and environmental change. Recently he has been applying the knowledge of brain-and-sensory research to enhance the creative processes and experience designs in gastronomy. In 2016, he launched Michel/Fabian, a design company that creates science-inspired eating utensils to enhance the pleasures of eating.

“Food is an everyday political and economical act to either build a healthier food system for people and the planet or to perpetuate an unsustainable paradigm. I believe food is a powerful tool for social and environmental change.” Charles Michel

Why it’s Cool?

Nowadays, people live disconnected from agricultural roots. “We have lost our connection to food,” Charles said. He believes that education and innovation in food will be important to recreate the balance between ourselves and the natural ecosystems we live in. He inspires people to change, he invites everyone to be a part of his re-generation.

On Patreon, an American membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run subscription content services, he creates food education content. In doing so, he shares crowdfunding ideas, prototyping systems and multimedia content with his Patreon Community. In addition, He re-generates people by giving TED talks on the future of food and conscious eating.

“We should eat with our hands” Charles Michel

According to Charles, our hands are the best cutlery we have. As a designer, he reinvented the spoon. He created a teardrop-shaped glass, which looks like a finger. By making it look like a finger, your senses become one with the food. Creamy foods like peanut butter, yoghurt or chocolate mousse becomes way more intense than ever before. The ‘finger’ of the glass improves the perception of creaminess and sweetness. Therefore, it increases the value of food and gives a more mindful eating experience.

Why it has future growth potential?

Charles teaches humans to eat conscious, among other things by making a clear guide in 22 languages. By translating his guide to different languages his learning material will be accessible to many people on earth. Learning the world to eat consciously will help us from saving the planet, even if it’s a small step. Besides eating conscious, Charles wants us to eat more with our senses. This will raise the experience of food while it’s literally the same food. By doing this, you become conscious about your food intake and being food-efficient.

So, the question is, what are the important things of having more knowledge about food? Michel says food is the most direct link we have with nature because every day we put a piece of nature in our mouth which gives us energy. The planet produces food for around 20 billion human beings to feed more than enough. But 16% of the food is wasted, somewhere in between the farms and our plates. He calls this the food waste paradox. This is the reason why we should study more about food, especially in schools, so that food-care will be ensured. It is important to care more about how we act in the kitchen as most food is wasted there too. Having more knowledge about cooking can allow us to make better food.


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Written by: Elle HoogeveenMatthijs Pas & Ruben Leeffers

Elle Hoogeveen

Hi! My name is Elle and I am a 20-year-old Food Innovation student from the Netherlands. Now I am in the last year of the study, with a specialization in marketing & business. As a food marketeer I would like to strengthen the online marketing businesses from food companies. I live on a farm so I have always found it interesting where our food comes from. Nowadays we see that many people lost their connection to food, that is the reason we wrote a blog about this problem! 

Matthijs Pas

My name is Matthijs and I study Food Innovation at the HAS in Den Bosch. I love to experiment with new ingredients and combinations. I like to be creative, but I also like to have structure, so I hope to use those skills later at a fun and innovative company! Who knows, I may one day start my own company with my girlfriend, because she studies Food Marketing. Together the perfect combo! I also started an instagram account together with my girlfriend where we show all our dishes and cooking skills. We have just started so take a look @the_food_hunters!

Ruben Leeffers.

As a Food Innovation student of the HAS University of Applied Sciences I like to be busy with food. Being creative with food is my passion for years now. Sourdough bread and fruit leather are my favourite food products. Why? Things like temperature and consistency can be different every time. You have to respond to those kinds of conditions, which makes them interesting to make. It let you think about food and that is something we need to do more these days.